Unica restaurants offers options for everyone!

Our encompassing selection of restaurants in Turku offers you the opportunity to choose the right place for your moment.

Our easy-going and cosy restaurants with long opening hours can be found on the campus areas of the university and University of Applied Sciences in Kupittaa as well as in Runosmäki and right in the heart of Turku. Our farthest restaurant can be found in Lahti.

Assarin Ullakko, Delica, Kisälli, Ruokakello, and Unican Kulma are restaurants where you can spend time and enjoy the citys’s best homely fare lunches and self-made bread rolls.

Our racy and modern restaurants Linus, Macciavelli and Sigyn are at the forefront of trying something new and seeking for surprises and trends from all over the world. These restaurants have stunning display cases of the café that will tempt you to enjoy every time!

Our stylish and timeless restaurants Galilei, Deli Pharma and Dental offer the most popular classics and pure flavors. Monttu and Mercatori, our unique signature restaurant is located on the premises of the Turku School of Economics.

One of our unique restaurants is called Fabrik Café that is cosy, modern and has the best location of Kupittaa. In the most easy-going after work & after study pub Kaivomestari, you can enjoy a glass while reading newspaper of the day or playing with your friends. You can find Kaivomestari on the campus area of Kupittaa. Kulma serves all customers until the last hours of the evening as a cosy drink restaurant at the beginning of Brahenkatu on the corner of Vähätori.

Our gorgeous a’la carte restaurant Piccu Maccia serves also as a vegetarian restaurant during the day. It is located on the lower campus of the university, so it has excellent traffic communication. Piccu Maccia offers settings for festive Christmas parties, casual and social evenings, outgoing sittings or valuable academic celebrations. In Kulma you can spend a meeting day, rent a sauna or have a dinner in the stylish Club space downstairs.

We serve a wide range of vegetarian and vegan foods in each of our restaurants. Our climate-friendly and vegetable-focused restaurants Piccu Maccia, Muusa in the Art Campus of Linnankatu, Assarin Ullakko’s iconic Brygge’s vegetable station and Kisälli’s selection of vegan foods are for those who want even more!

Our staff restaurants Ruokakello and Rammeri serve the best and most delicious lunches of the day and conference caterings for in-house customers as well as all other lovers of good food.

Restaurant and Cafeterias

Turku University campus

Assarin Ullakko



Monttu ja Mercatori

Kupittaa campus


Deli Pharma




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Unican Kulma

Pub Kaivomestari

Fabrik Café

Piccu Maccia


We do things like Oiva!

Oiva is a system where the results of food control are brought to the consumers’ attention. In Oiva report the food safety of companies is estimated with smileys. When Oiva smiles things are fine. The inspection results are published as Oiva reports in the Internet.

You can find inspection reports for Unica restaurants at