Our student restaurants will switch to electronic student verification during September!


During September, we will gradually switch to electronic student verification at self-service cash registers in all our student restaurants.

Please make sure that you have an electronic QR code loaded when you come to the checkout, so that the queues move smoothly. Our system will support the following applications in the future:

  • BEER
  • TUDO

With a traditional student card, you will be able to eat at cash registers where our staff is physically present in the future. Our staff is happy to advise on the use of the QR code.

Please remember that you cannot get a student discount for lunch without a valid student card. You can find more information on Kela's website.


  • 25.9. Delica
  • 26.9. Assarin Ullakko
  • 29.9. Macciavelli
  • 2.10. Monttu 

Thank you!