Unica’s gift cards now available

Now you can get digital gift cards from us to delight a friend, as a birthday present, for a graduation gift or even a neighbour’s grandmother!

  • In the future, you can easily buy Unica’s digital gift cards from our cash desks. Gift cards are accepted at all Unica restaurants.
  • In connection with the card you will get an envelope with the gift card. On the envelope you can write your own happy greetings to the recipient of the gift.
  • You can buy cards from each of our restaurants for the amount you want (minimum amount 10€)
  • The downloaded amount is available for 1 year from the download date.
  • The gift card cannot be loaded after it has run out of balance or it is out of date and the amount will not be refunded.
  • Cards are also available at self-service checkouts

What a great way to delight a new prospective student by loading the amount you choose and giving a gift card as a graduation gift for example.