Have you noticed ILM -marking on our menus?

ILM means a climate -friendly dish

ILM means a climate -friendly dish

By following the ILM -mark on the menus you can easily make a good choice for the benefit of climate! A dish with an ILM – mark has a carbon footprint of less than 1 kg CO2e/portion.

You can see the exact carbon footprint of each ingredient of warm food on the menu’s informative label

The carbon footprint consists from the amounts of raw materials used in the recipes and it is expressed per 100 grams just like the nutrition information.

Did you know that the production, manufacturing and distribution of food cause about 23-30% of all global greenhouse gas emissions? So, our choices of food have a huge importance.

What makes food climate friendly?

  • The climate-friendliness of the portion increases already by adding more vegetables on the plate. In soups, casseroles or for example in bubble and squeak vegetables bring good taste and healthiness while gently reducing the relative amount of animal products. This results in the climate-friendliness of those doses. Example dishes: chicken-vegetable noodles, rainbow trout soup, bubble and squeak with minced chicken.
  • With new and already traditional plant proteins, you can easily replace meat products in your portion. Plant proteins are climate friendly. For example, the carbon footprint of horse bean is more than 90% lower than beef’s (1,7 kg vs. 20-40 kg CO2e per kg of raw material. This is an easy way to increase portions’ climate friendliness at home too. Example dishes: soybean spaghetti casserole, organic tofu and vegetables in cream sauce, beetroot-horse bean bubble and squeak.
  • The carbon footprint of plant-based products is usually smaller than meet products, meaning that they are often climate heroes of the portion. Harvest seasons also matter. In winter, the climate impact of greenhouses can increase the carbon footprint of vegetables too, but todays greenhouses’ often already use renewable energy. However, the best choice from a climatic point of view is always a delicious vegetarian portion according to the season. Example dishes: Lentil-vegetablelasagna, vegetable spring rolls, carrot pancakes.