In our student restaurants we follow Kela’s higher education recommendations for student meals every day. Read more!

Kela’s higher education recommendation in our student restaurants

Meal-supported student meal package includes

  • main course
  • salad
  • salad dressing
  • bread with spreads and a drink

One student meal covers about 1/3 of a student’s daily energy needs.


How do I get food for the student price?

You can get meal support at the checkout by showing or reading a valid student card at the self-service checkout. You can get support with Kela’s student card which justify you to meal support or Kela’s meal support card. Our staff will be happy to help you if you are unsure about the validity of your meal allowance.

Be sure to present a card with each meal. Honestly paying the right dose and any additional services such as coffee will ensure affordable student food in the future as well. Kela also requires authentication for a supported meal so be prepared to prove it when asked and grab a receipt from the self-service checkout!

Why do we have portion sizes and prices in food?

Kela supports meals so that we can offer it to students at an affordable price and it also requires that warm meal of the day is prepared according to the recommendations also in terms of portion size!

The composition of the student’s meal is balanced in terms of energy intake, fat, protein and carbohydrates and corresponds to the Finnish nutritional recommendations. This has also been considered in vegetarian meals.

Our salad table also offers at least one product containing plant-based protein every day, which can supplement the protein content of the meal.

Dishes that meet the nutritional criteria according to the recommendations are marked with a star (*) on the menu and in the product description.

The salad dressing, bread, spread and drink (milk or buttermilk) that meet the nutritional criteria included in the meal package are always marked with a star (*) or the Better choice (Heart symbol) mark on the product or on the notice near the product.

The nutritional content of dishes and supplements can be found in the product information.

A responsible option for dining

Foods with the ILM -mark on the menu and product descriptions are a good choice for the climate. You will always find our vegetarian options first on our menu.

Kela supports each student meal 2,55 €/meal.

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